Peter Kjaer (SDL)

October 10, 2011

SDL Tridion MvP retreat

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In the early days of October, the SDL Tridion MvPs and Community Builders were given a free trip with all expenses paid by SDL WCMS. To reward and encourage their participation in the Tridion community and with the idea that if you put smart people together in a room and give them a mission, something is bound to come of it. It worked beautifully.

When my family asked how the trip to Portugal went, I talked excitedly for half an hour. I will try to be brief in this post.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself in the 4 days that we spent on the coast near Lisbon. The weather was hot and sunny (but we had good air-conditioning), the beach was awesome, the food and drinks were exquisite, and I couldn’t have asked for better company. It was a joy to work and party with you guys!

One thing is certain: we were treated  like MvPs 🙂

I left Lisbon feeling a bit  like I didn’t deserve it and promised myself that I would really earn it next year. Since I haven’t been good at sharing information outside of SDL and our forums, I am now focusing on that. And so this blog was born.

I might even *gasp* give Twitter a try (no promises!)

Edit: Check out the open source PowerTools project that we worked on during the retreat. We welcome volunteers!


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