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December 1, 2011

Looping through Contacts

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When working with Contacts in Audience Manager, you will often need to loop through a list of Contacts and perform some action.

There’s a couple of things you need to know about that, which are not immediately obvious:


October 13, 2011

Identifying a Contact

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People are doing more and more with Audience Manager.

It’s exciting to see your product used in ways that you hadn’t anticipated – even if it does lead to questions that are hard to answer 🙂


October 10, 2011

Nostra culpa

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As software developers, we occasionally create defects. We know this, our testers know it, and our customers know it.
We constantly aim to improve the software that we write, to lower the number of bugs we produce. But we will produce them.

With that in mind, I want to talk about a particular issue in Audience Manager 2011 which has caused some confusion.

Read on for some insight into the background of the problem – or skip to the end for the solution.


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